GO with the FLOW urban Micro-mobility

Whether it’s by electric scooter, electric bike or electric car, Flow will engage the people of Romania and the guests of our country to a cleaner, safer new way of getting from A to B.


FLOW is a Romanian Urban Micro-Mobility solution established in Bucharest in 2019.
Our aim is proving that initiative like these can be brought to life without compromise, using exclusively Romanian know-how to tap into the talent of our country.

  • Monday - Thursday: 07:00 – 23:00
    Friday - Sunday: 07:00 – 24:00
  • 2 RON to unlock, after
    that it's 0.6 RON / minute


Download the FLOW app
in App Store/Google Play and register.

Find the scooter on the map displayed in the app.

Scan the QR code and start a ride. Tap START, then the yellow UNLOCK button.

START: push-off, then press the throttle button.

Safety first: wear a helmet.
Any extra protection gear is more than welcome.

Use bike lanes whenever possible.

Don’t use the scooter in heavy rain or strong winds.

Block when making short stops
Make sure you secure the scooter with the special device. Unlock again with the app.

End the ride
connect the scooter to the dock/park it in an appropriate spot. Tap “Finish” in the app.

To get 2 RON back, return the scooter to any of our docks.

Take a picture of the scooter: once you’ve locked it, send us a photo.

Use the “Report” button to tell us about any problem you’ve had.


We cover almost all high-density areas in Bucharest and Cluj.
And we’re continuously expanding.

See the map

social agenda

You can find us and our surprises at events all around your city


We’re here to offer answers to the most frequent questions about riding a FLOW electric scooter.

If the ride was inadequately charged, use the “REPORT” option in the app. For an easier identification, we also ask you to provide details on ride duration, the amount of money charged and phone number.

Cases when a certain scooter is unavailable are usually caused by a low battery level or a hardware malfunction. Our service agents are always doing their best in recovering damaged scooters along the routes.

To unlock a scooter, please press the “START” button, then the “UNLOCK” one, so you can remove the scooter from the dock. The scooter will beep, and you have to disconnect the lock within 5 seconds. If the locking device cannot be disconnected, try pushing it before you pull. If you don’t succeed at your first attempt, please try pushing towards the power cable and then try unlocking again.

Please connect the scooter to a dock or lock it in an appropriate space, then press the “STOP” button in the app. Once you’ve locked the scooter, please send us a photo of it to confirm it’s secured.

If you cannot scan the QR code, please make sure of the following:
- Can you frame the full QR code with the camera of your device (smartphone, tablet etc)?
- Is the QR code clearly in focus (the camera is not too close/too far)?
- Is the camera lens clean?
- Is the lighting adequate (e.g. you may want to increase it)?
If the problem persists, please restart the mobile app.

After selecting the desired scooter in the mobile app a new window is displayed. This window shows you the serial number of the scooter, but also a bell icon. This option helps you send an acoustic signal for easy identification.

The FLOW mobile app shows you a green map marking the coverage area. Once you get out of the green zone, the scooter speed will be limited, and you will not be able to complete the ride until re-entering the safety perimeter.


For any questions or problems related to riding FLOW scooters, you can also contact us via the form.